EAB can help you achieve your business goals in China, Japan and Korea through cross cultural training programmes, team building and bespoke consultancy services


EAB's unique range of  Culture-specific training programmes are the way forward for Western managers who want a comprehensive view of the culture, to acquire negotiating skills, and learn how to work with Chinese, Japanese and Korean counterparts.

We provide in depth, personalised training consultancies to help you build successful teams across cultures and time zones.

This way for full details of our unique EAB Culture-specific training programmes and team building services


EAB consultancy covers virtually any requirement for companies and organisations doing or considering doing business in the key East Asia markets.

We can advise you on the specific cultural issues surrounding your market entry and development in China, Japan or Korea.

We also undertake project consultancy and can suggest solutions to specific problems which could impact on your business success in the region.

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