EAB consultancy

We can help you find the way forward in East Asia markets. EAB will advise you on virtually any issue relating to market entry, development and managing your business operations in China, Japan and Korea.

Are you ready for East Asia? Is East Asia ready for you? For concrete examples of real projects, look at case-studies below

Have you audited your company to see if you have the structure, capacity, finances and time you will need to succeed in these distant markets? Have you got the people and the management strength? Will they last the distance?

EAB can supply reliable HR tools to assess developmental needs for managers taking part in the Asia push.

How do you achieve penetration in the Japanese or Korean market?

What are the likely obstacles that will need to be overcome? What are realistic timescales for that?

EAB will listen and learn before coming up with highly tailored advice and developmental support for SME's moving East.

Joint-ventures: how important is ensuring a good match of time-horizons and real long-term objectives?

Are both sides pointing in the same direction? Scenario-planning for three years down the line: where will you be then?

How do you run pan-Asian companies?

What are the implications of including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore under the same corporate umbrella?

EAB can advise on organisational issues as well as run team-building events in Asia.

What are the main problems associated with running remote teams?

How do you manage a team in Seoul and Beijing from an office in Paris or Frankfurt?

EAB can present up-to-date findings on the experiences of other companies doing similar things and help companies develop their effectiveness in making these teams work.

View case studies of recent EAB consultancy projects