Kim Gook TaeKorea

Mr Kim is a Korean entrepreneur, based in London. He draws upon his vast network within the business community to manage his import-export business between Korea and Europe. In addition to his native Korean, he speaks fluent English and good Italian. Mr Kim was educated at the prestigious Kyung-gi High School and at the Seoul National University, gaining a BSc in Architectural Engineering. After university, he worked for five years at the Korea Development Bank on evaluation and feasibility studies for large industrial projects.

He then moved to Daewoo, formerly one of the big four chaebol (conglomerates) in the area of Overseas Business Development and Project Management and was appointed Director in the late 1980's. In 1990, he set up his own business from a London base and now spends much of his time travelling between all parts of Europe and Korea.

He co-developed the programmes on Korean business culture with Bill Reed and has since delivered dozens of senior management seminars on the subject throughout Europe.

Sunny HwangKorea

Sunny Hwang is a cross-cultural consultant and trainer based in Seoul. She has her own company, Sun-H Consulting, and works mainly with Korean conglomerates and multinational companies based in Korea.

A graduate in English and Politics from Sookmyung Women's University in 1987, Sunny's first job was with Japan Airlines. From there, she moved into the Korean Overseas Development Association where she soon came to enjoy her role as cultural and language trainer for Korean expatriates. This interest in culture led to a period of travel around Europe as professional interpreter to Korean businessmen. Living and working in Barcelona brought her into contact with the world of import-export trade, and this combined with a period doing market research in Poland motivated Sunny to start up her own trading business - Sun-H Trading. She subsequently enjoyed substantial success in exporting sports goods from Korea to Russia and Poland.

In the mid-90's, Sunny began representing a UK management training company, in Korea and was immediately successful in bringing high quality cross-cultural and business communication training to a large number of Korean companies, including Samsung, SK, Korean Air and Hanhwa among many others. This business was badly affected by the IMF crisis of 1997 and the subsequent devaluation of the Won.

Undeterred, Sunny benefited from her own international experience and from her own base inside the Korean economy to develop her own tailored training programmes on cultural, linguistic and management subjects. In addition to this, she has taken on sole rights to "Telephone Doctor", an American customer service training vehicle and has qualified as a leadership trainer on behalf of Blessing White, the US management training company

She now acts as a consultant on Korean business culture.