Dr Michael Han

Dr Han is  Senior Economist (China) for the Rio Tinto group, based in Beijing.

He was born in Tianjin and has studied and worked in Beijing and Hebei Province. Having obtained his English degree from Tianjin University, he went on to get his MA in international politics and western philosophy from Nankai University. In 1988 he came to the UK and studied at the London School of Economics and gained his doctorate by undertaking a major research project on China's economic liberalisation in the 1980's.

He worked for the Tianjin Foreign Trade Promotion Commission and has also given lectures at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. During his research he worked with a number of Chinese state enterprises and foreign joint venture firms. Besides China, he has travelled to South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, working as an interpreter in joint venture negotiations and as an analyst of the economic developments throughout China and East Asia.

He has worked with companies such as Samsung and Toshiba and for nearly ten years he was a producer/broadcaster for the BBC World Service China department and as a result closely involved with the latest business and social trends in China.

Dr Han has been working as an associate on cross-cultural management training seminars for over five years.