Your interaction with Korean Business Culture?


Do you sell to Korean business? Do you buy from Korean business?

What are the key Korean cultural awareness issues that make a difference to your efforts in doing business with Korean companies? It’s clear that selling in one market is not like selling in another. The need for relationship-building is greater in some countries than in others. In Korea, it is a prime requirement. “We will never do business with a stranger” would be a common view in Korea. The question is, how do you set about building those relationships? What will impress your Korean business partner? What might offend or at least disincline your potential Korean partner to pursue business opportunities with you?

East Asia Business will listen to you and then offer solutions to you ranging from senior management coaching to consultancy on specific projects to team-building to interactive training in cultural awareness and effectiveness. Please contact us to take this vital step to enhance your chances of successful business with Korea.


Are you working on projects with Korean companies?

If you are working on short- or medium-term projects with Korean businesses, it may be convenient or easy to disregard the need for a cultural briefing. Or you may feel you are too busy to spare a day or two to consider your different ways of working. To quote a favourite dictum of training suppliers everywhere in the world, “If you think training is expensive, try incompetence!” East Asia Business has been asked on numerous occasions to come in and help only after the working teams have become dysfunctional largely through misunderstandings and misevaluation of their partners’ behaviour. Our best advice is to hit the ground running. If possible, get the teams together early and spend at least some time on examining and reconciling cultural differences. We are here to help you do that and can deliver consultancy and training in English or Korean. Please contact us to find out how we can help you get off to a good start.


Do you work inside a Korean company?

Is your manager Korean? How about your manager’s manager? If so, how does that change the dynamics of everyday business in your company? What do you need to know about Korean company structures and preferences in the way they do things? One thing is clear: the differences are typically quite significant. Newcomers to Korean companies can experience some disorientation and misalignment of expectations particularly if they have joined from an American or British company.

Korean business culture is highly dynamic and very collective. You will find it hard to find a more hard-working, dedicated and determined group of people; however, typically, Europeans find some aspects of Korean working styles and expectations hard to make sense of. East Asia Business has over twenty-five years experience in making sense of Korean business culture for Europeans. And vice versa: we also help Korean expatriate managers to understand the assumptions and values of their European colleagues. Short interventions in the form of seminars or training sessions can smooth out misunderstandings and begin the process of generating a negotiated culture which plays to the strengths of all parties. Please contact us to find out how this can be done effectively and with the minimum of time and cost.