Do you work with Japanese colleagues? Do you do business with Koreans? Are your bosses Chinese or Taiwanese? Any combination of the above? If so, East Asia Business can offer you training in cross-cultural awareness, skill development and team-building across cultures and time-zones.

We are specialist advisors and consultants in inter-cultural management issues and we help European and US companies to get the most out of their business dealings with China, Japan and Korea. Building and developing teams across cultures is what we do best.

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We recognise that working with your Western colleagues can present challenges: you need to be aware of the different expectations and motivations driving Europeans and Americans. And you need to know how best to deal with everyday issues of business etiquette and protocol. EAB is ideally placed to advise and support new managers arriving in the West with a variety of blended learning solutions, from short but intensive face-to-face training to e-learning and virtual classroom sessions. Just contact us to find out what we can do for you.


With our help managers can actually do more: they are better intercultural communicators, they can negotiate more effectively, they can run multicultural teams more successfully.

We work for organisations of every size from helping first time exporters get going in the region, to well established multinationals who need advice on specific cultural issues as they arise.


EAB can provide answers to questions which often leave Western business people perplexed - does Yes mean Yes? Why is this decision taking so long? Who is really in charge anyway? Asian managers will learn why Western staff are apparently so lacking in commitment to the company and so argumentative and disrespectful.

With our help managers can actually do more: they are better intercultural communicators, they can negotiate more effectively, they can run multicultural teams more successfully.

Doing Business in Japan

Doing business in Japan is an excellent prospect for any western company. Japan is a developed nation, which offers companies a lot of potential for growth. East Asia Business can help companies from the west overcome any cultural barriers that they might be facing while doing business in Japan.

Asian Business Training

If you are looking for Asian business training which can help you to overcome a range of barriers when dealing with business associates in East Asia, come to East Asia Business. Our team of expert Asian business training specialists can help you with many aspects of cross-cultural business, including developing skills and building relationships.

Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Training is important for businesses when they want to make their way into an eastern economy. East Asia Business can provide excellent services in the fields of management and market entry. By using their services you will be able to make sure that your company is as successful in the eastern markets with cross cultural training.

Japanese Cultural Training

Companies looking to enter the eastern markets, like Japan, may face several problems. Language barrier can be just one of the major hindrances on the path of success there. East Asia Business offers high quality Japanese cultural training, which can benefit any company wanting to enter Japanese markets in order to expand their business.

Korean Business Culture

Eastern countries like Korea have strong traditional roots and tend to have a very distinct business culture. Korean business culture can sometimes appear confusing to western companies trying to expand business there. East Asia Business can help to smooth out this transition into the Korean business culture.

Korean cultural awareness

If you have colleagues or business associates in Korea, it can unfortunately be all too easy for a breakdown in communication to arise, although such issues can be overcome by investing in Korean cultural awareness training. Korean cultural awareness can help to make communications run much more smoothly, so make the right business move today.

Korea consultancy

When you’re a Western business and regularly in contact with Korea, consultancy services can be extremely beneficial, and here at EAB we can provide you with a service which perfectly suits your bespoke business requirements. Our Korea consultancy experts can assist you in getting the most from many areas of business with Korean contacts- boosting your chances of a successful partnership.



  Specialist Bill Reed

East Asia Business is headed by Bill Reed, the specialist intercultural consultant for the region. Bill works with teams of associates based in the UK and throughout East Asia. Services are provided for companies from Europe, North America as well as those with local representation in East Asia.

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